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Useful Information for signmakers

Info. & Technical
If you are involved in Sign Making using plotters and/or other modern computerised equipment you should already know much of what is explained in these pages.

Then you are possibly in the employ of somebody who expects you to “muddle through” with little or no training.
Or one of the far too many people who refuse to read manuals.

These pages are not a substitute for proper training but you may find some of the information useful.

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When you read some of the pages you may consider that some comments are cynical (but, hopefully, amusing).

Because almost every day for over 30 years many of the people who are referred to us for technical help:-

Are trying to use equipment or on which they have had no training.

Have failed to read instructions.

Are trying to use equipment they don't understand (sometimes because they refuse to read manuals)

Are trying to do something on an unsuitable machine.
Usually because the machine supplier who did them "a great deal" misled them beleive it can do more than it was designed to do.

We always try to help and inform as much as we can but perhaps some employers should consider training their staff before they they "throw them in at the deep end" and some equipment suppliers could do a little more than shift boxes.

We don't know the answers to all problems or questions but we usually know who does know what we don't so we can usually refer customers to whoever is best able to help them.

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