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Summa D Series (drag) Blades

Plotter Blades
Images shown below are for identification only - they are not to scale.
For Summa Tangential Blades See- Summa T Blades
Most customers now use Smart Knives but for those who partiularly want them and for resellers we still make "ordinary" blades.
Blade shown below is the "ordinary" blade type most commonly used.
If you are unsure about which type/s you need you are welcome to call us on 01928 739799 or email:
Knife tip offset 0.45mm

        New - £15.00 + delivery & VAT
Exchange - £12.00 + delivery & VAT

Forr cutting most common materials up to about 200 microns.

This is the type most commonly used as a general purpose blade in Summa D Series machines.
When used in the "standard" blade holder supplied with Summa D Series machines this replaces the "original" blade.

All V Series blades can also be used

For ease of use consider using Smart Knife type HSK450V.

Reserved for future use
We also make "specials" for cutting unusual materials.
To show them here is more likely to be confusing than constructive.
If you need to solve a cutting problem you are welcome to call us.
We can usually help.
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