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About Cutting

Info. & Technical
BLADES do the cutting - plotters manoeuvre them.
Try using your plotter without a blade!

Please remember
No matter how wonderful your plotter might be it is only as good as the blade you put in it.

Please remember also
No matter how good the blade might be it can only cut as accurately as you set your machine.

Almost anybody can “sell” blades
But using and setting them correctly is just as important as choosing the correct type.

We don't just "sell" blades
Anybody can do that!

We design them - we manufacture them - we solve cutting problems.
We provide the help and information you need to set your machine to cut accurately and efficiently.

If you have a Drag Knife Plotter
(most modern plotters ARE drag knife plotters)
you should read

To make your plotter cut better you should read -

To make your plotter cut badly you should read -

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