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Summa T Series are powerful, accurate TANGENTIAL roll plotters, offset compensation does not apply unless being in drag mode in which case they can use the same blade as the Summa D Series in the drag blade holder supplied with the machines.

Drag mode is less accurate than tangential mode but it can be a useful emergency standby in rare cases of tangential head malfunction.

Blade type SNV is the type most commonly used.

 We also make many other types - some examples are shown above

We probably make more blade types than any other manufacturer.
To list all variants here is more likely to be confusing than constructive.

To make your plotter work more efficiently see:-

Technical Information     Blade Care     Blade Life     Cutter Offset      Cutting Problems     Cutting Unusual Materials

You are always welcome to call us for help with cutting problems.

Summa T series plotters are

There is no need to compensate
for cutter offset unless using them in drag knife mode

See note below

Summa Tangential

Plotter Blades

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See Note

To fit standard Summa T

blade holders.

Can be Exchanged

Can be Resharpened

“Standard” Blade

Some Other Types