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You may often hear or read misleading references  to
 “ORIGINAL” and “GENUINE” blades.

What do these descriptions really mean?

Sign Industry Suppliers often put their names on products they supply.

Motor manufacturers supply tyres bearing the names of their cars.

Plotter manufacturers supply blades with their names on the packet.

Does that mean they manufacture them?


We know of no plotter manufacturer who has ever made a blade.

So where do they come from?

Specialist manufacturers!

Like us!

Do not assume that “after market” products are inferior to the branded OEM products

They could well be from the manufacturer of  the so called “GENUINE ORIGINALS”

They are often improved versions and superior to the OEM branded products.

High prices do not necessarily guarantee high quality!
It usually indicates they have passed through “many hands” before the get to you.

“Original” Blades