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Cutting  Unusual Materials

Before you assume you need a “special” blade for a particular material please read the rest of this page.

The cutting characteristics of plotters vary considerably as also do materials with generic names like reflective, sand blast mask, card, foil, flock, polyester, glitter, holographic and others.

The best way to cut a particular material on one plotter model may be entirely different to another.
Be wary of “experts” who recommend a 60 Degree blade as a magic solution to all cutting problems

 it is often the worst possible option.

Unless the material you wish to cut is very unusual.
Do not assume that you need a different type of blade until you have tried the type you already use.

Correct plotter settings are as important as blade type.
Take control of your machine - do some tests - be prepared to adjust force and speed settings.
Settings are not there to be admired - they are there to be used and understood.
Who would buy a Ferrari and refuse to learn about second gear?

Surprisingly often you may find that you do not need to use a different type of blade.

Despite what you may have been told by “experts”.
But for some materials it may be advisable to keep a separate blade.
Not necessarily a different type - just separate.

If, by adjusting settings, you cannot achieve the quality of cut you want and you DO need a different type of blade or Smart Knife, the information from your tests will help us to recommend the most suitable type for your application when you call us.

You are always welcome to call us for help with cutting problems.

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