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Cutting Problems

People often assume - or are incorrectly advised - that simply by using a different blade type they will solve all their cutting problems - unfortunately that is not always true.

Using the correct blade type is important.

 But only if it is used in conjunction with correct settings on a machine that is suitable for the job.

People sometimes buy - or are sold - materials without checking whether it can be cut on their plotterr
[or on any plotter] and led by the material supplier to believe they can obtain a blade that will extract heavyweight performance from a lightweight machine.

But unfortunately there are no “magic” blades.

Some cutting problems are caused by using the wrong blade type but they are more frequently caused by incorrect machine or software settings or simply by trying to cut materials beyond the capability of the machine.

Unless you are trying to cut materials beyond the limitations of your equipment we can usually help.

Our assistance more often involves telling you what to do rather than selling you anything.

Providing technical help can be time consuming - we sometimes charge.

You are welcome to email or call us.  

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